Big city snow

Yesterday, Annie schleps home the groceries...

The snow keeps falling...

Is this a New York City Christmas weekend, or WHAT?

All happening in the courtyard...

What I see through my window...

We had to take it outside... that's Annie.

The next day (today) on Broadway.

The sun was bright and we stayed out forever...

Then evening came, and this is what it looked like. The calm after the storm.

So beautiful.


La fiesta

Cristian, Kristian & Katherine

In my mother's birthday poem posted at The Half Note, I wrote: She values...the way a piece of costume jewelry sparkles on her wrist. Do I know my mom, or what?

Sometimes all of Annie's goodness shines through. I was in awe of her tonight.

C & A

Tonight I met Bruce's new friend Jodi who I really like, and who is a New Yorker despite looking very Argentinian.

Jodi and Heike Jarick Hing.

I kept laughing at Kristian G. while he happily drank the homemade Mojitos made by David.

Mom and Alex Hing get deep.



Dave's 50th

Battery Park City
(These are worth clicking on to enlarge--such a beautiful New York City day)

Down by the river

This is what happens when a fuse blows at the "Men's Wearhouse in Queens."


New Year's Eve

After I got them off the bed...

... we stopped at Grandma's...

... then headed to 34th Street... (see Empire State Building in background)

... then to the "Party for Losers."

Although Annie and her friend are certainly not losers, what kind of loser would I be if I didn't bring them along?

I've been bad with the camera lately, but I did take pictures of the girls--here with Kristian and Paul, playing Wii on a brand new, wide-screen, high definition TV.